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Overview of GREEN Center research topics


The research goal of the GREEN Center is to increase the efficiency of solar cells while also keeping fabrication costs low. We will do this by using nanoplasmonic structures for light trapping and enhancement of photo conversion in the solar cell. In order to make solar energy competitive with other renewable energy sources and fossil fuels, the cost per watt ratio must decrease to $1/Watt. The semiconductor in a solar cell accounts for 50% of the cost, although the wafer is only 100 microns thick. GREEN research at the University of Arkansas will focus on solar cells that are only 200 to 400 nanometers thick. Nanoplasmonics and optical metamaterials will address the challenge of making nanothin semiconductor wafers absorb light as efficiently as microns-thick wafers. Semiconductor materials under study are poly Si, a-Si:H, nc Si, ZnO and InGaNi for both nanothin and nanowire configurations. GREEN has acquired several major pieces of equipment to build up the research infrastructure in Arkansas. These include: a JEOL JBX 5500F E- beam Lithography System, Woollam VASE – XXR, Cambridge Atomic Layer Deposition System, Molecular Beam Epitaxy System, Thin Film Sputtering System and a triple chamber PECVD system with an Auto Transfer Zone (ATZ). Undergraduate research test beds will be developed at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith and Philander Smith College to promote undergraduate research at these institutions.

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Light Trapping in Thin Film Solar Cells with Plasmonics, Photonics
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a-Si; nc Si Thin Film & Nanophotonic Solar cells
Si is an earth abundant, inexpensive material
Hameed Naseem

Plasmonic Solar Cell Integration and Characterization
Fisher Yu

ZnO Core-Shell Nanowire Solar Cells using Atomic Layer Deposition
Jingbiao Cui, UALR