Dr. Hameed Naseem

University of Arkansas
College of Engineering
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
Faculty Researcher





Address: 3172 Bell Engineering Center, Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone:    (479) 575-6052

Email:     hanaseem@uark.edu



About Dr. Naseem

Dr. Naseem received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physics from Panjab University (India), his M.S. in Physics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. His areas of interest in teaching and research are solid-state physics, material science and electronic packaging.

GREEN Research

Dr. Naseem's silicon research includes Al-induced nanoroot growth within the amorphous silicon films, deposition of polycrystalline Si and property characterization. These special structures will be used for solar cell device fabrication. This also includes schottky contact solar cells.

Lab Members

Matthew Young,

Ph.D. Student, Electrical Engineering



Seth Shumate

Ph.D. Student



Benjamin Newton

Ph.D. Student


Salman Mosleh

Ph.D. Student, Micro Electronics-Photonics



Asanka Munasinghe

M.S. Student, Micro Electronics-Photonics



Larry Cousar

M.S. Student