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The GREEN Research Center for Nanoplasmonic Solar Cells is one of three centers that make up the ASSET II program, which is funded by the NSF Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) and the state of Arkansas. The total amount of funding for ASSET II is $24 million dollars awarded over five years. The GREEN Center is comprised of five institutional partners:

  • University of Arkansas (UA)
  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR)
  • University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB)
  • University of Arkansas at Fort Smith (UAFS)
  • Philander Smith College (PSC)


The vision of the GREEN Center is to develop state of the art technology to create high-efficiency, low-cost solar energy, and to educate a technical workforce to competitively position Arkansas for a sustainable future in the solar power industry. The GREEN Center has also developed the GREEN Mobile Solar Energy Laboratory on Wheels, a K-12 outreach project that will travel across the state of Arkansas in order to integrate solar energy experiments into the science curriculum and encourage participation in STEM fields.


Our Goals

  • Acquire research infrastructure to enable nationally competitive research in next generation solar cells that exploit nanotechnology and plasmonics/nanophotonics for enhanced light trapping, charge separation, and charge collection
  • Establish state of the art research testbeds in solar energy for Arkansas undergraduates
  • Develop highly efficient and low-cost thin film solar cells that will attract new industry and increase employment in Arkansas
  • Develop a workforce in solar technology for installation and maintenance of solar systems in order to competitively position Arkansas for a future in the solar power industry
  • Increase interest and encourage participation in STEM fields among Arkansas students



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